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All Guilds Meeting - November 2015

Ritratto di Doobes

As things get closer to 2016, another All Guilds Meeting has come and gone.  Nev'yn was the guest host for the day, filling in for Doobes.  As always, the raw and (very) cleansed chatlogs await those who may have missed the meeting.

Here's a recap of the festivities:

Guild of Linguists

KathAveara was first in line to update the crowd on GoLing business.  The website has received a revamp and refresh, and while not completely finished, it will be soon.  Those with forum accounts have had them ported over to the new forums.

There are also plans to restart the Rekorokh Deseekaytee, or the Book of Puzzles.  Each week or month (depending on interest), there would be a new word or logic puzzle relating to the Myst/D'ni universe.  Joining the Guild forums will allow members to post and suggest their own puzzle for inclusion.


Next up was Zeke, who thanked those involved in organizing the very successful CAVCON Awareness Party.  He talked a bit about the newly-created Developers' Hood, a place for experts to gather and explain to those interested just what goes into making and programming content for URU.  Membership in the hood is open to anyone interested.

He also reminded everyone about the new season of Cavern Tours, which are explained in detail at this link.

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant (as JamieM(2.0)) talked a bit about the next Heritage Night, which will take place Saturday, November 14th at 12:00 KI time.  While a topic of discussion is yet to be decided, the meeting will be completely in-character.  Stop by the Heritage Night's Hood the day of the event to join in.  You can follow updates at the MOUL forum thread.

Run for RAWA

Sh'aeri was next to talk about the event she is planning to help benefit Cyan's Richard "RAWA" Watson.  More information on planning the event and the event itself can be found in the accompanying news post.

Guild of Messengers

Nev'yn himself was the last speaker, talking for the GoMe.  He mentioned a couple of projects he's working on with Doobes, one being Sheten Reovtee, also known as the "memorial Age".  In conjunction with material gathered by Tai'lahr's Explorers Memorial wiki pages, the Age will serve as a means to remember, mourn and celebrate the lives of explorers that have passed away over the course of URU's existence.

Another is the restoration and preservation of a surface location near the cleft: a last-stop gas station called "Stan's Oasis".  More information on the two projects is forthcoming, so stay tuned!


Unfortunately, due to RAWA having much more important concerns at the moment, there are no updated CAVCON figures.  However, given the success of the CAVCON Awareness Party, things are hopefully good.  In any case, keep those donations coming in!

Doobes will (hopefully) be back for December's AGM, scheduled for December 5th at 13:00 KI time.  Until then!

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